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Thunder Swamp Area
The Thunder Swamp area is located in Delaware National Forest in Pike County, Northeastern Pennsylvania. The area near the Pocono Region is full of natural lakes left over from the last ice age. This region is also full of natural depressions that lend themselves to becoming swamp and marsh areas. Several swamps are located in this region scattered among the many lakes and streams of the area. Some of the swamps we plan to visit include Wolf Swamp, Nebo Swamp, Big Bear Swamp, Thunder Swamp, and the swamps located in the Stillwater State Natural Area. The field study to this area will consist of a weekend trip. We plan to access the various swamps via a trail that runs through the area and by all the swamps mentioned. The Thunder Swamp Trail takes two to three days to hike and we plan to use it to travel between various study areas. Within a few days we will post topographic maps of this area highlighting the specific route we plan to take through the swamps.