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Field Study
In the 4th quarter we will be conducting a field study of two to three wetland areas in Pennsylvania. These areas will include both natural and man-made wetlands. The field study will consist of surveys of the flora and fauna in each of the wetlands and an assessment of hydrological and geological characteristics of each. This will allow us to effectively compare and contrast the two types of wetlands. After considering several local and regional wetland areas we have concluded that the best sites for us to conduct a field study would be Marsh Creek in Chester County, Blue Marsh Lake in Berks County, and the Thunder Swamp area in Pike County. Each of these areas was decided on for certain reasons.
Thunder Swamp Area, Pike County
Blue Marsh Lake, Berks County
Marsh Creek, Chester County
This field study will include the production of a video highlighting the steps we took in conducting our surveys of plant and animal life and in carrying out the other steps of the field study. This video will serve as an effective visual aide in displaying our comparison of the three wetland areas. Even further, it will provide viewers with an idea of what the wetland environments in Pennsylvania are like.
To guide us in the steps involved in the field study we will be referring to a Student Handbook set up by the   Penn State Cooperative Wetland Center. This Handbook can be found by clicking here.
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